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Power Vastu Remedial Kit For Home | Residence

vastu consultation of residence by vastutree
vastu consultation of home by vastutree
vastu consultation of house by vastutree
vastu consultation of ghar by vastutree

POWER VASTU Kit For Home | Residence | Apartment | Floor | Flat | Bungalow | Kothi | Society

(Includes Vastu Consultancy + POWER Vastu Remedies + Placemental Changes & Suggestions)

(All Currencies of the world are accepted here. Overseas Clients can pay us through any mode of money transfer including Online Bank to Bank Transfer, Money Gram, Western Union & Xoom)

Vastu for Home Includes:

#. Complete Map Analyzation
#. Installation at your residence
#. Suggestions on Placemental Changes, if required
#. Customized Vastu Remedies available on demand
#. Secret Programmed by Dr. PANKAJ VERMA himself
#. Most Recommended Colors to be used as per Astro Color Therapy
#. Most Recommended Numbers to be used as per Astro Numerology
#. Specially Formulated & Energized as per the issues and hardships faced by the residents.
#. Shuddhi, Cleansing, Charging & Energization done to Activate Positive Energy Fields in the house.
#. Whatsapp Support & Telephonic Discussion are also available for Outstation Orders & Overseas Clients
#. Free Shipping & Delivery available all over India

#. Overseas Shipping (to all countries worldwide) is also available

Our Team will Contact You within 1 Business Day of the Payment Made & Order Generated. Dr. Pankaj Verma prefers to take care of every client personally. A call will be arranged to get in touch with him or with Ach. Saniya Mittal to discuss the issues you are facing at your home or any other dwelling. 

Send Us All Your Details & Map (if possible) on Our Email Id:
(For Any Other Related Query, Send Us The Details Through Our CONTACT US Form)



FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


Ques: This Package includes Both Vastu Remedies & Suggestions?
Ans: YES, it includes both.


Ques: Is this Vastu without Demolition? Do I need to do structural changes & re-construction?
Ans: No. Not at all. There is no need for any demolition or any construction. 


Ques: All the required vastu remedies are included in the package?
Ans: Yes. All the remedies required are included in this package. Its a complete vastu dosh nivaran HIGH POWER kit.


Ques:  From where should I buy the remedies & what is the cost of vastu remedies?
Ans: There is no need to buy any remedy from anywhere. Everything needed to rectify vastu dosh at your residence is already included in the kit. You dont have to worry about anything.


Ques: I dont know how to use the remedies you provide. How will I do it?
Ans: You do not have to worry for its usage, installation or application. Our team will guide you with everything.  Its a very simple process. Even a child can do it.


Ques: What if I have any question after the vastu consultation?
Ans: Our lifetime support is always there for you. You will automatically become a member of our Elite Vastu Club! Its free for our clients and students globally.


Ques: Which Colors Are To Be Used According To Vastu?
Ans: Our team will guide you which colors needs to be used and where. It will be by-default included in the package.



About The Founder

Dr. Pankaj Verma is a well known celebrity astrologer & a world renowned personality, having more than 26 years of experience in the field of vedic vastu shastra. His innovative approach and proven techniques in remedial vastu has simplified the way vastu is done without demolition. He has served more than 50,000 clients worldwide in his career span of more than 2 decades now.


As a part of this power vastu package, all the Vastu Remedies will be done and applied at your residence only.  It will remove all negative energies in the house, creates a positive aura around, rectifies the directional vastu flaws and placemental issues and activates the Brahmasthaan of the house. It will neutralize negative energy fields of the house as well. Its a complete package of all vastu corrections and vastu remedies for your residence in one go.

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