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Masters in Vastu Shastra

masters in vastu course by vastutree

Masters Course in Vastu includes the following topics in details:

  1. Residential Vastu

  2. Commercial Vastu

  3. Astro Color Therapy

  4. Astro Numerology

  5. Pyramidology

  6. Spiritual Products

  7. Gems & Crystal  Therapy

  8. Rudrakshas

  9. Remedial Vastu

  10. Predictive Vastu



Residential Vastu

Vastu is an ancient Indian science of architecture and buildings which helps in making a congenial setting or a place to live and work in a most scientific way taking advantage of the benefits bestowed by nature, its elements and energy fields for enhanced wealth, health, prosperity and happiness.

Vastu is the science of directions that combines all the five elements of nature and balance them with the man and the material. Vastu Shastra is creating a congenial settings or a place to live or work, in most scientific way taking advantages of the benefits bestowed by the five elements called “Paanchbhootas” of the nature thereby paving the way for enhanced health, wealth, prosperity and happiness in an enlightened environment.

Contents to be covered in Residential Vastu Course:

  • Introduction of Vastu

  • What is Vastu?

  • History of Vastu

  • Books of Vastu

  • Importance of Vastu

  • Why is Vastu important

  • Relation of Five Elements with Body & Home with the help of Chakras

  • Why it’s a Science?

  • Fundamentals of Vastu

  • Definition and Placement of Five Elements

  • Why it’s a Shastra?

  • What basic instruments are used?

  • Understand Nature “Universal Energy”

  • Directions and Determination of Directions

  • Basic four directions

  • Sub Directions

  • Name of Directions & their Hindi names

  • Degree of Directions

  • Usage of Compass

  • Lords of Directions and their placements

  • Vastu Purush

  • Origin of Vastu Purush

  • Importance of Vastu Purush in Vastu

  • Worship of Vastu Purush

  • Bhrahmasthan

  • 81 Pada Vastu Mandala

  • Vastu and Astrology

  • Introduction of Planets as per Astrology

  • Placements Characteristics of 9 Planets + Kingdom Charts

  • Selection of Land/Plot

  • Orientation

  • Quality of Soil

  • Shape of Plot

  • Slop of Land

  • Extensions

  • Reductions

  • Surroundings and Environments

  • Roads around the Plot

  • Vithishool

  • Angles

  • Vidhisha/ Diagonal/Vishudh Plots

  • Vedha

  • Construction

  • Compound walls

  • Trees and Plants

  • Placements of Doors

  • Water & Water Supply and their Placements

  • Wells & BoreWells

  • Underground Water Storage

  • Ground Level

  • Overhead Water Storage

  • Drainage and Septic Tanks

  • No reasons and Explanations to be given if necessary according to batch

  • Placement of Stairs

  • Placement of various Rooms and their Interiors

  • Prayer Room

  • Kitchen

  • Bathrooms

  • Toilets

  • Placement of Bedrooms

  • General location of Bedrooms

  • Sleeping Positions

  • Important points while planning the Bedrooms

  • Master Bedroom

  • Guest Bedroom

  • Children Bedroom/Study Room

  • Drawing Room /Living Room

  • Dining Room

  • Store

  • Garage

  • Veranda

  • Basements

  • Auspicious Symbols

  • Golden Rules of Vastu


Commercial Vastu

Contents to be covered in Commercial Vastu Course:

  • Fundamental Principles

  • Introduction

  • Vastu Purush

  • Vastu & Astrology

  • Fundamentals of Workplace Vastu

  • Determination of Directions

  • Workplace Vastu Applications

  • Offices

  • Hotels, Restaurants, Resorts, Banquet Halls

  • Shops and Showrooms

  • Educational Institutes

  • Commercial Complexes

  • Industries

  • Theaters and Auditoriums

  • High Rises/Multi-Storied Buildings

  • Banks and Financial Institutions

  • Hospitals/Nursing Homes/Doctor’s Clinic

  • Cinema Halls/Multiplexes/Cineplex

  • Workplace Vastu-Selection, Construction and Planning

  • Quality of Soil

  • Selection of Land

  • Orientation

  • Roads Around the Plot

  • Shape of Plot

  • Slope of Land

  • Reduction in Plot

  • Extension in Plot

  • Veethi Shoola

  • Surroundings

  • Angles in The Corner of the Plot

  • Workplace Vastu and Guidelines for Construction

  • Location

  • Main Entrance

  • Workplace Vastu Muhurta

  • Construction Related Muhurats

  • Occupational Muhurats

  • Banks and Financial Institutions

  • Creating Vibrant and Healthy Workspace

  • Creating Vibrant and Healthy Workspace

  • Yantras


Predictive Vastu

Predictive vastu includes the predictions on the basis of the placement of elements in a particular direction. Predictive vastu is beneficial to understand a dwelling’s present and future situation. Predictive vastu is all about giving predictions by analyzing a dwelling & rectifying the flaws in it. Predictive vastu is helpful for analyzing future happening on the basis of the elements placed in a specific dwelling.


Astro Color Therapy

Colors are the important part of everyone’s life. Colors give a specific impression on our minds when we see them. Every color has its own healing energies.

Colors also affect the way we react to things. With the help of colors you can heal various things in your life and your loved ones.

Example: white color gives peace, treatment of diseases with the help of colors, colors in days, etc.


Astro Numerology

Astro Numerology is all about understanding the art and science of numbers as per our vedas i.e. through astrology. It helps us in all kinds of predictions through DOB &TOB of a person.
It covers all the aspects of Astro Numerology which overcomes and supersedes the basic numerology. Very good and important aspect while practicing Remedial Astrology & Remedial Vastu.
Its Calculations & Numbers applies to every aspect of Life!



Pyramidology is a powerful science of creating balance and harmony by core level corrections. It is based on the essential principles of subtle anatomy and the laws of the universe.
Pyramidology is a practical study to through which you can harmonize mind, body and spirit with the environment, to achieve health, happiness and prosperity.
Example: Vastu pyramid, pyramid yantra, etc.


Spiritual Products 

Spiritual products are the main remedies while doing vastu of a dwelling. Spiritual products have miraculous powers. We will be teaching you importance of spiritual products, where and how to use them for churning out best results.


Gems Therapy & Crystal Therapy

Gems & Crystals are used as remedies for healing a person & a dwelling. We will be telling you the combinations & uses of various gemstones & crystals depending on person’s problem.



Rudrakshas are known as Shiva’s Tear. Rudrakshas are very powerful and healing beads. We will be teaching you about how many types of rudrakshas are there and what powers it has. How rudrakshas can be used as remedies.


Remedial Vastu

Remedial vastu is rectifying vastu without demolition.  We will be teaching you how to rectify vastu dosha with the help of various elements. Remedial vastu is all about remedies which are used for any type of vastu dosha.

This course of Remedial Vastu includes all types of possible remedies and solutions in vedic vastu shastra. Any one can apply these remedies at his/her home or shop or office. There is no need to be a vastu professional for applying and using these remedies. You can do it yourself without having any knowledge of vastu at all. Anybody even without any vastu knowledge can do this course. Everything will be provided by us. There is no need to refer any book. Our organization will also give complete product support and lifetime membership of vastu tree.

Contents of this course are as follows:

Part 01

  • Remedies of Wrong Entrance

  • Remedies of Wrong Slopes

  • Remedies of Extensions

  • Remedies of Reductions

  • Remedies of Roads Around

  • Remedies of Surroundings

  • Remedies of Vidhisha/Vishudh Plots

  • Remedies for Drainage & Septic Tank

  • Remedies for Water Tank, Overhead WT

  • Remedies of Brahma Sthaan

  • Remedies for Toilets, Bathrooms & Attached TB

  • Remedies for Kitchen

  • Remedies for Mandir / Prayer Room

  • Remedies for Staircase

  • Remedies for Store Room

  • Remedies for Bedrooms, Master Bedroom

  • Remedies for Bedroom of Newly Wed Couple

  • Remedies for Bedroom of Head of the Family

  • Remedies for Bedroom of Unmarried Girls

  • Remedies for Study Room, Children Room

  • Remedies for Guest Room

  • Remedies for Drawing Room / Dining Room

  • Remedies for Garage

  • Remedies for Basement

  • Remedies for verandah

  • Remedies for Office

  • Remedies for Shops

  • Remedies for Cash Box, Tijori, Locker

  • Remedies for Strong Room

  • Remedies for Neeven or the Base of the Plot

  • Remedies for Overhead Beams

  • Remedies for House Surrounded by Big Buildings

  • Remedies for Large Factories & Industrial Units

  • Remedies for Large Open Compounds

  • Remedies for Large Housing Societies

  • Remedies for Large Unconstructed Plots

  • Remedies for Unwanted Open Spaces

  • Remedies for Unwanted Closed Spaces


Part 02

It contains remedies as per Problems like:

  • Remedies for Money, Finances, Income & Depression

  • Remedies for Good Health & its related issues

  • Remedies for Peace & Harmony

  • Remedies for Childbirth/Childlessness/Progeny

  • Remedies for Name, Fame & Recognition, Low Social Life

  • Remedies for Marital Issues / Delay in Marriage / Divorce etc.

  • Remedies for Child Education, Low Energy Levels

  • Remedies for Career, Business, Job, Litigations, Higher Education & Professional Studies

  • Remedies for Mood Swings, Female Diseases, Problems to Females

  • Remedies for Digestion, Stomach and Metabolism related Issues

  • Remedies for Instability and Fluctuations, Unnecessary Fights, Deaths etc.

  • Remedies for Unknown Problems & Issues, Unexpected Incidents, Sudden Death / Disease / Accidents etc.



Remedies as per Directions:

  • Remedies for Healing North East

  • Remedies for Healing East

  • Remedies for Healing South East

  • Remedies for Healing South

  • Remedies for Healing South West

  • Remedies for Healing West

  • Remedies for Healing North West

  • Remedies for Healing North

  • Remedies for Healing Brahma Sthaan


Part 04

Types of Remedies Used:

  • Astrological Remedies

  • Spiritual Remedies

  • Remedial Rudrakshas

  • Crystal Therapy

  • Colour Therepy

  • Astro Numerology

  • Pyramidology

  • Remedy by Yantras

  • Natural Remedies

  • Installation of Tools, Instruments & Devices

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